Thank you for your interest in joining the Oklahoma Association of Charitable Gift Planners. We are a part of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners which is a pioneering force in the world of charitable gift planning.

One need only view the numerous contributions this partnership has made to the field—representing gift planners on Capitol Hill, establishing ethics protocols for gift planning, and producing standards and guidelines that help nonprofits in the counting and valuation of gifts. Take a look at the numerous benefits and services our members enjoy.

There are three classes of Partnership membership:

  1. Individual
  2. Council, and
  3. Provisional Council

Please contact the Oklahoma Association of Charitable Gift Planners using the Contact Us page, for more information.

Please join our council by visiting the National organization’s website and clicking “Join/Renew”. If you want to join the national organization (not required) be sure the first box “Individual National Membership” is checked. If you do not want to join the National organization uncheck the box. Then locate our council, organized alphabetically by state, and check the box. You will fill out your membership information and create a username and password.Please keep this username and password for future renewals. You may choose to pay with a credit card or check. If you need assistance please call the National office at 317-269-6274 .